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Origami Rose Flower without glue and stick

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I am trying to make flowers without stick and glue to play with kids and to teach them decorative arts. I just found the found the way and tried myself and the flower came out beautiful. Hence i thought to share the art with everyone. For making this only a piece of paper is needed. You can cut the paper into two or can use full paper.

  1. Take a rectangular paper of A5 or any print paper size.

2. Fold the paper with less gap as possible

3.In More than half distance put a cut

4.Arrange Leaves

5.Now pick the first leaf slowly and move it in up direction. You need to be slow and cautious. It will look like tree branches structure

6. Now press the first leaf slowly down towards steam, Flower will be formed

If you want any other origami art can let me know in comments.


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