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How to create IAM user and group in AWS?

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OR How to create Administrator user in AWS?

Answer:  First login to AWS Console

Go to IAM

From left side bar click on Users


On right side, you can see the button for “Add Users


Insert the user name which you want to create and select “AWS Console Management access” to give access to AWS Console. Give the custom password for the user.


IAM user must have policies assigned to it to get access to AWS resources. Go to Attach existing policies directly.

Select Administrator access to give user Administrator access.


You can add tags if you want to for the user.


Review and submit


It will create user


Now how to login with newly created user? Go to dashboard and see “Sign-in URL for IAM users in this account” . You can share this url with the person you have created the account.
Now go to new incognito browser to check login. Paste the copied sign in url.
Input the user and password created before. Bingo !! You are able to login to AWS console as administrator


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