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how to clean algae from hose, water tank, pool

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Usually algae will be formed in any filled water which changes the water color to greenish and make water unhealthy. They can also collect in water tanks , swimming pool or any lake. It is a difficult task to keep filled water clean so that algae, insects wont start to live inside it. If you find any greasy type or greenish surface formed in your tank or hose them below are some steps which will help you get rid of them.

Usually algae will be formed inside the pipe or near pipe area which you use to fill tank and result in water getting choked. So we will be cleaning algae with high speed water.

  1. Take a container like basket or net which can hold algae.
  1. Take a Rough sponge and break it into some pieces( medium pieces not very small or very large that can stuck in pipe) .
  1. Fill these broken pieces at one end of pipe.
  1. Place this end of pipe in basket.
  1. Now ON the Tape water in high speed so that water will start flowing from tank or hose.
  1. Sponge will take the algae with it and both we will collected in basket.


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