Salt Lamp

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Salt Lamps are hand made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains the salt lit which is designed in different shapes and design acts as a lamp cover which has bulb and connecting wire inside it. It comes with switch and connects to electricity just like normal bulbs. When ON gives a warm amber glow.

Benefits of salt lamp and bulb

1.They are available in many designs and shapes

2.They also illuminate different color like the normal light bulbs.

3.They also acts as a humidifier

4.They give warm and amber glow.

5.Safe to leave on for periods of time without overheating

Why salt lamps leak? How to avoid salt lamp leaking?

As we all know the main feature of salt is that it is soluble in water and in warm water that’s also sign of pure salt away from chemicals. as these lamps are naturally made from Himalaya salt if we keep the lamp in humid area like bathroom or near window these are more chances that the lamp will start leaking. Its better to use these lamps in windy area like hall or bedroom where sunlight , air everything falls.

Other reason for lamp leaking will be if there is less wattage bulb which is not enough to keep salt away from moisture and humidity that will also cause leak.

If you keep lamp OFF for very long time the warmness of lamp will go and result in moisture and humidity accommodated with salt. below are ways to avaoid lamp leaking

1.keep lamp in windy area where sunlight air falls properly.

2.use more wattage bulb inside lamp

3.Keep the lamp ON for atleast 15-16 hours which will evaporate the humidity and keep the salt dry.

Dangers harm of lamp leaking?

Normally its not a big issue if salt lamp leaks a little but if it continue leaking then you should keep attention

1.Leaking lamp will cause the storage area dirty if it is keep on metal surface there are chances of rusting.

2.More leaking will affect the electric bulb kept inside lamp which may result in short circuit or fuse off.

3.Design of lamp will get melted and it will change into disformed lamp.

Medical benefits of salt lamps

1.As these lamps have amber glow they wont affect the eyes like other LED bulbs whose lights can affect the vision.

2.The warmness coming out of lamp will create a soothing atmosphere in your house which will keep you relax and keep concentration on your work.

3.They purifies air which will hep in meditation.

Varieties of lamps available based on designs , shapes and wattage . I listed some based on reviews


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