Brookstone PhotoShare 14” Smart Digital Picture Frame

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This is a smart photo frame which can connect to your phone and you can upload photos from your phone directly to photo frame. This is fully touchscreen frame. Multiple frames can connect to a phone through WIFI. each frame has its own unique email address and there is also a free photoshare app (iOS and Android) that will allow you to send photos quickly and easily from your mobile phone.

Below are features of this frame

This Frame is 16 Inches and screen size is 14 Inches Display
Instantly send photos from phone to frames in seconds with the free Photoshare App via email, from PC or via link with Facebook , google photos or other photo apps .
Multiple photos may be sent to up to 10 Photoshare Frames at once.
Fast, easy and fun to find and share your favorite pictures with friends and family
Send Pics from Phone to Frames
WIFI Connectivity
8 GB Memory
Holds 5,000+ Pics,
HD Quality Touchscreen,
Premium Espresso Wood,
Easy 1 min Setup

Stand at the back for keeping frame on table or hanging on wall.

How to use Smart Photo Frame?

First you need to setup your frame connectivity,

create a photoshare account with the frame unique email address

Connect the frame with WIFI

Now photos in the mobile phone can be shared through Email, Google photos, iCloud , From PC , through Link, Facebook or any platform where you can view photos in your mobile.


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