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Cloth diaper are good alternative for throw diapers, You can just wash cloth diapers and they can be used again, There are many varieties of cloth diapers available like low absorbent , long absorbent. Cloth diapers looks similar to the normal diapers and are available in many designs and colors. You need to have large number of inserts because they get wet easily and you need to change them frequently for maintaining good baby health. Usually bamboo insert are made from natural material and do not harm baby’s skin, They are also high absorbent as comparted to other thin inserts.

Cloth diapers pockets

They look like normal throw diapers but are made of fabric and are available in many designs to choose from. Below are some affordable cloth diapers pockets you can start with

The insert comes with the pack are not very absorbent they can even handle one time urine and will get leak. You have to put atleast 3 thin inserts to be able to avoid leakage for one time urine. I also recommend that you keep 4-5 inserts together in diaper pocket and leave it for about 1 hour. If it leaks then try to reduce time like 40 mins . By doing this you will get an idea about how many inserts you need and when you should change them.

This another design is somewhat costly but the inserts coming with the package are more absorbent as compared to the above mentioned pavkage.

After buying diaper pockets you have to buy additional inserts for handling pee and urine together

Bamboo inserts

They are highly absorbent , If you keep two of these inserts inside diaper they will be sufficient for all night long.

These two have almost same absorbency

How to use Cloth Inserts

Below two steps for using inserts inside diaper pocket.

1.Put insert inside the diaper pockets

2. If your diaper pockets design has holes for inserting inside then it will be good option to keep the insert inside the hole so that they do not move from there position.

Advantage of Cloth Diapers

1.They are safe for baby skin and do not cause rashes.

2. They are reusable and can be used for coming children.

3.They are quite comfortable for child rather than use and through diapers which if you leave for long time has risk of rashes and infection.

4.They are available in many designs and colors as compared to only white throw diapers.

Disadvantage of Cloth Diapers

1.As they are reusable you need to wash them and dry them properly before using again.

2.For new born babies many diapers and insert will be collected in a day so i recommand that you try to wash them after every 2-3 hours so that they will be dried properly and ready for next time use.

3.You have to buy atleast 20-30 inserts and 10 diaper pockets for having trouble free work or else you have to again again wash them.

4.As they are reusable you will collecting them in some box to wash altogether , They result in smell all over house.

How to wash Cloth diaper and insert

Below are steps to wash diaper and insert because if we do not wash them properly and dispose of the dirt it will result in smell in whole house and also not good for hygiene.

1.Seperate the diaper pocket and inserts carefully.

2.Then dispose of the urine and dirt from the diaper and insert , by using high water flow.

3.Then use some good detergent or soap and try to wash away all the dirtness.

4.Now clean all the soap and wash them with water

5.Put them in sunlight for better drying.


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