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Benefits of Beetroot

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This red vegetable which also acts as a fruit is full of nutrients. The reddish color helps increase blood count , also helps in maintaining blood platelets. This vegetable is good for keeping clear skin and avoid pigmentation

Ways of eating beetroot

As now you know the benefits of beetroot and you want to try differnt recipes with beetroot. As beetroot is tasteless and has a strong taste to tongue try these additions to make beetroot consumption easier.

BeetRoot Juices

Wash and peel thin skin of beetroot

Cut and remove the roots

cut beet root into small pieces

Put some salt and beetroot pieces inside blender and give it a strong blend

Stir the grinded mixture using any stirrer

Now you glass of juice is ready to drink

If you are looking of a full glass of juice use 2 beetroots also I will suggest start consuming beetroot juice alternatively starting with one beetroot at a time.

BeetRoot Smoothies

Apple Ginger Beetroot lemon Carrot Smoothie

Wash all the vegetables and peel apple, ginger, carrot and beetroot

Cut them into small pieces

Add all the pieces and lemon drops(around 1 tablespoon) in blender and give it a good grind

You can use Green apples instead of Red apples and can substitute the sourness of lemon.

BeetRoot Ginger Apple Juice

This Juice is sweet in taste and the punch of ginger with balance the taste.

Peel Ginger , apples , beetroot and carrot

Add pieces of apples , beetroot , carrot and ginger in blender

Stir the mixture into glass

Juice is ready to drink

Beetroot Spinach Capsicum Ginger Avocado Smoothie

This smoothie is heavy enough to work as a dinner and it is full of nutrients and vitamins. I recommend everyone to try this recipe atleast once and see the healthy changes in your body

Wash and keep Spinach for drying

Wash all the fruits and peel Beetroot ,ginger and avocado.

Cut beetroot , capsicum and ginger into pieces

Put all pieces and spinach into blender

Take the mixture into a bowl and add some cashew white cream as garnish

You can add little water during blending if you want mixture to be wet or else putting fresh cream will be good.

BeetRoot and Berry Banana Smoothie

Add beetroot pieces and berries or strawberries into blender

Add pieces of bananas and again blend the mixture

Add some salt and garnish the mixture with vanilla cream

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